Meido & Shitsuji Kafe = Maid & Butler Café

  Okaeri-Nasai Mase!!!


Tenshi No Ai is a performance group from NYC that loves to dance to Japanese pop, anime.and Korean music. We have given performances & brought our mobile cafe to local anime conventions and other Japanese cultural events in the area. Our name, Tenshi No Ai, means ?Angel's Love? in English. Our goal is to show the world that you can be any shape, size, or color and still be yourself, sharing your talent and love for other cultures.


Tenshi No Ai, we offer comfort and entertainment to everyone while being devoted individuals and proud of who we are. We the staff of Tenshi No Ai know that we can make people happy, no matter what ......for cuteness comes in all forms!!!!



Maid Cafés are theme restaurant that first appeared in the Akihabara area of Tokyo Japan and became popular around the turn of the century. Unlike your typical Western restaurant, Maid Cafés are staffed by highly attentive workers of a novelty Cafés that provided extra care to individuals that they serve. As the name suggests, Maid Café workers typically dress in maid outfits or cosplay